The Eb solution

We apply intelligent data across an MME’s financial ecosystem in a single comprehensive view.

By building a unique company profile beyond banking, Eb is able to tailor insights, services and products to bring meaningful added value to MMEs.


Our software platform aggregates data using standard templates and integration technology to bring meaningful added value for MMEs.


Eb sits on top of a company’s existing accounting record infrastructure (e.g. Xero, Quickbooks, Netsuite) as well as adhoc records (e.g. Excel).


Machine learning provides insightful, real-time analysis and predictive tools.


Historical & forward-looking modelling
of options are applied to MME data.  


Wide market data is combined with an MME’s own information to recommend appropriate financial products that match a client’s needs.  


Identified and tracked areas of concern allow clients to engage more quickly with their business advisors or ELEMENTARYb’s own dedicated team member.


Full cyber, fraud & AML protection from
a bank-grade platform.  

MME Voices

”It’s such a fast moving regulatory landscape that you are always playing catchup. This (Eb prototype) would help us plan in advance what we are going to do from a regulatory point of view.” – CEO

”We have multiple providers in different regions. If I want to see my cashflow in one place today, it’s impossible… The nirvana is moving from reactive, to proactive, to predictive and the thing on the right
(Eb prototype) is predictive.” – Finance Director

”Having some kind of AI identifying those forward trends based on the past data – that would be very cool”… (looking at Eb’s prototype) For me, this should really be a link with strategy, and that is where that would be particularly useful.” – CFO

”Sweeping is very manual with us, and you can be a bit lazy and leave it in your accounts… If we could have a way of doing that without it being too onerous that would be great.” – Managing Director

Eb platform

A customised experience for MMEs and advisors of holistic data and contextual projections…

Eb marketplace

Our best-choice marketplace allows lenders and financial providers to offer more appropriate products to their customers.


Fully integrated views across multiple locations, entities & jurisdictions
Data-driven to answer the ‘what if’s’
• Intelligence & threat modelling
• Root-cause insights to business problems
Short-term tactics / long-term options
Workflow & communications to engage teams
Eb advisors compliment MMEs own Accountant

• Greater transparency to funding options
Stress testing capabilities
Scenario modelling
• Exposure to enhanced market solutions


How Eb works


One harmonious platform.

Distilling a complex set of processes into one intuitive platform that is simple to use and offers huge benefits to MMEs, accountants that service them, and potential financial service providers.

Clean data is key.

Data driven forecasting is the cornerstone of our initial offering, and will give MMEs the power to make smarter, better and faster financial decisions, setting a foundation for resilience and sustainability.