A new dawn
in business finance management

Eb is enabling the whole financial ecosystem to become more efficient, more effective and more appropriate for client needs

Our integrated financial platform sits on top of existing systems and is designed to complement financial advisors, tools and products, putting MMEs back in control of their financial future. This complete view Eb platform lets teams share forecasting, insights and product fulfillment, in real time. This increases efficiency and profitability, making it indispensable to CFOs and wider C-suite executives as they bring their enterprises into the new digital globalised economy.
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Eb’s offering has never been more resonant or more relevant than now

British businesses have worked to overcome the unique challenges presented by Covid on the UK economy over the last year. They will need all the assistance they can get as these impacts fully manifest over time. At Eb we believe that as corporate citizens we have a responsibility to deliver on this much needed help. For more information on how to back Britain…

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Our story

ELEMENTARYb was born out of frustrations our founders experienced when running their own complex, midsized companies. Slow turn-arounds, complex and outdated processes, products not fit for their needs or not necessarily the best solutions, all took their toll on time and resources.

After an extensive look, it became apparent that there really wasn’t that much on offer. Passionate to see midsize corporate Britain thrive, they set about to change that!

It has become ELEMENTARYb’s mission to identify where companies too big to be defined as “SMEs” and too small to be defined as “Large” entities need help to cash and risk manage their businesses and develop services that support their specific requirements.


Eb understands
the challenges facing CFOs in the new digital economy

Picture you are a CFO or a CEO of a UK company turning over in the region of £10 – 100 million

Imagine being 100% confident that all the data from all your internal and external sources and partners is interconnected, harmonised and correct.

Imagine being able to make robust decisions because all your banking and financial information comes together in a single feed, over a single platform, in a single view.

Imagine having analytics that know what matters to you and proactively makes recommendations suited to your best interests.

Read about the ‘Day in the Life of an MME’s CFO’

Now imagine that the very latest fintech and regtech innovation and cyber protections can be integrated as needed and switched out as necessary.

Up until today it was an impossibility. But you don’t need to imagine any more, as Eb can help to make it a reality!

Now you can confidently predict, navigate and manage a sustainable future for your customers, your business and your employees.

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Become a Eb collaborative client, and embrace this competitive advantage

We are working with a select group of MMEs from around the country and across various sectors to hone our offering. This provides a rare opportunity for you to join in the innovation. Starting on the road to optimising control, unlocking efficiency and increasing profitability is just a click away!

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Connecting to businesses across Britain through our events

At Eb we are always listening

We host a number of events for midsize businesses* throughout the year, covering a range of topics affecting them. See who is connecting in your area. Come join the conversation.

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*Medium and midsize businesses that will experience the most benefit from our ELEMENTARY platform, will operate out of multiple locations, have an annual turnover of £6-100m and employ 10 or more staff.