Everything you need to build competitive advantage, increase productivity, and take the risk out of doing business.

Today’s world is constantly changing and posing risk and uncertainty to your business’ financial operations. Extreme weather, fuel crisis, supply chain issues, covid, sanctions and war, bring instability. Your company will have already been impacted by fuel prices, shipping costs, staff retention, manufacturing restrictions, or compliance changes. 

Sherloc is a day-to-day financial risk management platform, designed to enable your business to navigate evolving challenges and optimise when opportunities arise.


How sherloc works

What if Fuel Costs Double?

Eb Alert

Insights & Cashflow Impact

Options to Resolve & Hedge risk

Forecast Solutions

Easy Product Fulfillment

A plug & play, easy-to-use secure global tool.

Employing the latest security to protect your confidential data, Sherloc’s Artificial Intelligence and machine learning brain provides your business with a financial situation room that puts you and your approved advisors in communication and control of your financial future.


Fully integrated views
Across multiple locations, entities & jurisdictions
Data-driven to answer the ‘what if’s
Intelligence & threat modeling
Root-cause insights to business problems
Short-term tactics / long-term options
Stress testing capabilities
Greater transparency to funding options
Exposure to enhanced market solutions


Easy to use intuitive platform
Forecasting & Scenario Modeling
KPIs & Insights
Data Validation
Alerts & Notificationss
Compare & Fulfill Products*

makes life easier

connects all your clean data and advisors in one place

saves money

imrpoves productivity and reduces risk of loss

peace of mind

early warning system when your plans are impacted by activity, events or regulatory change

Who is sherloc for?

Sherloc was created for anyone who needs to plan and manage a business’ financial risk, performance and productivity, including business owners, COOs, finance directors and SME Accountants, Advisors and Relationship Managers. With a wide variety of features and tools to enable a clean productive decision-making process across an organisations subsidiaries and jurisdictions.

Your Business

Gain control of your financial future. Empower your financial team to make the best possible strategic decisions, using a centralised data source for all the information that impacts the financial operations of your business. Eliminate error-prone and time-heavy excel processes. Maximize productivity and collaborate in real-time on scenario forecasting. Enjoy peace of mind and security of proactive alerts. Always be best positioned to build and ensure organisational financial health.


Your Financial Advisors

Strengthen your team by leveraging the strategic knowledge of your financial advisors and accountants. Provide approved access to your situation room, and receive valuable input from your experts. Realise and embrace new opportunities that are based on your real-time needs and business goals.

Your Banks & Services

Gain access to a wider range of suitable and best-in-class solutions. Sherloc can surface forecast-able potential solutions to address issues or opportunities and engage your approved Relationship Manager for a discussion. Simplified approval process and competitive offerings mean you are supported and save money.

“We struggled to eliminate frustrating forecasting processes using other platforms, leaving us with alarming blind spots. sherloc’s easy to use features facilitated team cohesion and effective planning” SME CLIENT

Guaranteed to improve your financial decision-making

Join the growing number of companies who depend on Sherloc to help them save time, reduce risk and improve the effectiveness of their financial team. We are so confident that you will love Eb’s Sherloc, that we are offering you a risk-free first year. If you are not satisfied, you may cancel at any time, no questions asked.

First 6 Months
Remaining 6 months
£10 per Month
  • All Your Data in One Place
  • Scenario Forecasting
  • Alerts to Unknowns
  • Insights to the Future
  • First 6 Months Free