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At Eb we have built a strong and resilient company, a diverse team of experts and an innovative, intuitive, and ingenious platform to support British mid-sized enterprises (Mid-Market Enterprises, MMEs) as they grow.

Combined with our leadership’s own experiences in building successful businesses, we have studied our MME target market comprehensively, the communities they operate in and the challenges they face. So we understand the pain points of CFOs and wider C-suite executives as they run mid-sized enterprises operating in a digital, globalised economy.

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Eb meets specific, widespread and enduring needs

In short, we want to make life easier, more efficient and more profitable for the MMEs that are so important to the UK economy.

MMEs rely on a network of specialist advisers and service providers to support them. Often, this includes an array of different systems spanning banking, payment, accounting and other management platforms which they must navigate between, to keep close control over their operations and capital – the lifeblood of their businesses. This multiple-system approach is cumbersome, time-consuming and wasteful, costing up to 5%* of a typical MME’s overall costs.

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The solution is ELEMENTARYb

Eb’s platform has been designed specifically with MMEs in mind and is being refined working closely with businesses out in the real world, to give them exactly the data and functionality they need to thrive, as well as the peace of mind to know that they can track all their vital components in one [consolidated] place.

Our working capital solution gives MMEs  total, immediate control of their financial futures, whilst keeping administration costs down.

Using bespoke, integrated software, our intelligent platform optimises and supports timely, accurate decision-making and helps businesses to unlock their potential for growth.

Why now?

British businesses have worked to overcome the unique challenges presented by Covid on the UK economy over the last year. They will need all the assistance they can get as these impacts fully manifest over time. Many businesses are striving to capitalise on the opportunities that the UK’s exit from the European Union has offered and find their way in a new era of international trade.

At Eb we believe that as corporate citizens we have a responsibility to deliver on this much needed help.

Eb’s offering has never been more resonant or more relevant than now.

Invest in ’making the difference

As we prepare for our next fundraise, interest in our platform and its many benefits is heating up rapidly and Eb is poised to offer that rare, industry-changing opportunity – at the forefront, defining the new digital economy, with scalable answers to real-world challenges.

Eb is the right solution at the right time, not only helping investors to generate attractive returns, but also allowing them to make a major difference to UK business, as we make our way in a new, ever-more-dynamic global economy.

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Since interest in Eb has become more intense, we have started to register potential investors in the lead up to our next fundraising round. If you would like more information regarding the Eb platform and investment opportunities, please enter your contact details below, to arrange a talk with an Eb Founder and receive an investment pack.

Eb estimate based on various sources: Sweating the Small Stuff: the impact of the bureaucracy burden by SAGE & Plum Consulting, September 2017; SME FINANCE MONITOR Q4 2018 by BVA BDRC UK, Zeqr Report 2019; and UK SME International Payments Analysis by Money Mover